What an incredible Sunday after Thanksgiving it is here in Colorado. It is a warm 75 degrees and I am sitting on my back porch, reflecting on the past few days spent with friends and loved ones. I am filled with a warm sense of gratitude for the amazing people that have graced my life with their presence over the last six months.


A year ago, if you had asked me if I was happy, passionate or content in my life, the answer would have been a resounding NO. It is funny how a year, or even a couple months can turn everything around. As humans, we are all looking for the same things in life – companionship, laughter, passion and a sense of self. It is amazing how friendship and the pursuit of a dream can change your perspective and fuel your everyday life.


I met a group of people about seven months ago who welcomed me into their friend group with open arms and I am so grateful for their friendship. In a lot of ways, it is these people who have made me fall in love with Colorado again. Their adventurous spirit, love of travel and open mindedness have given me new life. Before I met this group of people, I felt like I didn’t have a place in Colorado. I often felt very alone (even when I wasn’t). It is their combined laughter and love of life that reignited my love of travel and photography. Surrounding myself with friends who encourage me to pursue my dreams has been my saving grace.


So this Thanksgiving, I am especially grateful to these friends and to the people everywhere who are inclusive and loving of others no matter their background, how they look, or how different their interests might be. I feel so lucky to have found my tribe and I hope that everyone else out there who feels alone knows that there is hope. You will find your place in this world – no matter how hard it may seem or how long it may take. 



Piper Rastello