A New Beginning

I suppose in a way, this website and blog has been a long time coming. Throughout my life, I have gotten derailed and explored different paths, but my passion for travel, photography and writing has brought me back here to this blank page where I can share my unique point of view with you! 

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to travel. I have been to 5 continents and 46 countries. With each new place, my perspective shifts, slowly transitioning me into the person I am today. The people I have met and the friendships I have formed over the years have added invaluable measure to my life, ensuring me that there is a world outside of the picture perfect life that our parents envisioned for us. 

You see, I don't think I was ever meant to live a conventional life with a 9-5 job, 2 kids and a dog. There was a time when I thought that this was maybe what I wanted, but the more I tuned in with myself and filtered through the noise and overbearing weight of society's expectations of me, the more I knew, that this was never the life I was meant to live. 

So I decided to choose an atypical life. A life where I can travel freely and create art that I am proud of. A life where I can use my gifts to inspire and encourage others to follow their dreams.  A life where I can showcase both the beauty and the disparity that continue to grow in the world around us. I choose this life; a life where I am passionate, happy and grounded. 

Thank you for following me along on this crazy adventure called life, and I cannot wait to continue sharing my photos, thoughts, and ideas with you! 






Piper Rastello